„A central feature throughout was the superbly articulate bass of Tobias Fleischer, often taking the role of a melody instrument..“
Classical Guitar Magazine, U.K.

„Mo’Blow’s melo-percussive backbone Tobias Fleischer“ Bass Quarterly Magazine

“The first class driving rhythm section featured drummer Andre Seidel and Tobias Fleischer on bass…”
Westdeutsche Zeitung

„Bass Player Tobias Fleischer created a perfect foundation while frequently introducing his virtuosity”
Fränkischer Tag (about Bamberger Klezmertage Festival)

„Pounding Slap Bass Grooves by Tobias Fleischer…”

„Here and there Tobias Fleischer breaks out of his dense bass fundamentals to set soloistic highlights with thick grooving lines…”
Mindener Tagblatt

„I have to say, DAT BASS! When it comes to Funk, you know DAT BASS must be GROOVY.”
The Kambimg Farm, Malaysia

„Tobias Fleischer’s stomping electric bass buzzes with energy.”
London Jazz News

„This shows that a bass guitar in the right hands can do more than provide the fundamental basis, but can also formulate the melody.”
Neue Westfälische Zeitung.

„..featuring Tobias Fleischer’s excellent slapped bass..”
The Jazz Breakfast (UK)