The End Of The Wait...


It's been a long time without gigs due to the Corona virus - anyway, good news on the horizon!

Manfred Maurenbrecher - "Inneres  Ausland" is out on Reptiphone. Fantastic lyrics as always and beautiful contribution by Andreas Albrcht (drums/prod), Reka (vocals/choir arrangement)  Marco Ponce Kärgel (guitars) , The Jazzomat Choir and others.
I play both electric and upright on the album.


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New tour dates!


There are plenty of shows coming up in the next few months with Pugsley Buzzard, Michael van Merwyk and others. Have a look!


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New Video from Pugsley Buzzard


Check out the latest video from the Pugsley Buzzard Band  - "Stealing Candy"!
You can see me do my most outrageous dance moves on this one....


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